Chilly Dawg! Caring for your dog this winter

 BRRRRR…….cold dog

Winter’s a coming!

For us dog owners –  winter’s a time when our beloved babies need a little extra care. Despite the fact our domestic dogs have all evolved from wolves – it certainly doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the cold the way wolves are.

Infact, hypothermia amongst dogs in Australia is more common than you’d think.

Contrary to popular belief – a fur coat does not mean your dog is properly protected from the winter climate. Many breeds have lovely plush coats to touch and look at –  that are actually very poor insulators agains the cold.

To keep your precious pup in tip top condition this winter – we’ve compiled some tips to protect your pet from the cold.

Feed for the conditions

Because keeping warm requires a lot of energy –  dogs need more (good quality) food in Winter.

Studies suggest that dogs in cold climates need two to three times more calories than they need at a more moderate temperature.

eggsWe recommend increasing Omega 3’s and 6’s in your dog’s diet during the winter months as they are nature’s lubricants. Adding fish oil, kidney beans, or eggs to your dog’s diet can help to relieve dry and flaky skin and ease arthritis pain brought on by cold conditions.

To help make the most of shorter winter days – maybe  it’s time to consider a premium dog food supplier like Just Dog Food where you get expert advice on your dog’s winter calorie requirements and it get’s delivered right to your door. Booooom!

Because really, who doesnt want more time for afternoon walkies?


Make an outside sanctuary

If your dog spends time outside, make their kennel or shelter as inviting as possible.warm outdoor kennel

Tips for Winter Kennels:

  • Make sure you place the kennel or shelter away from windy areas.  If your dog has to sleep in a wind tunnel it wont be inviting for them – no matter how snuggly their cushions are.
  • Dogs are curious creatures so to ensure they’re happy to spend time in their kennel – place it in a place where they can see what’s going on around them.
  • Elevate it from the ground, if possible.
  • Make it as snuggly and warm as possible. Maybe even take a trip to your local Vinnies to see if you can collect some old blankets or pillows. Make sure they’re machine washable though. 



Dont forget the water! 

Proper hydration is also essential to optimal health during the winter. Be sure to have a clean, fresh water supply available to your pet at all times.


Get a coat or jacket for your dog

Duffle Coat Pink

The super warm duffle deluxe jacket from Dinky Dog

Not quite the ridiculous accessories they’ve been regarded as in the past – more and more experts are recommending coats or jackets for dogs in Winter.

Old dogs or breeds with short coats can really benefit from having a jacket or two in winter.

Besides, they can look really cute too. Check out the Duffle Deluxe (pictured left). 

Things to look for in a dogs winter jacket include lightweight-ness, washability (to deal with doggy ponk) and of course a nice fleecy lining.

Watch out for jackets that need zippers as these can be quite restrictive and can pinch your dog’s skin. Instead opt for coats/jackets with buttons, studs or velcro fastening


Other Winter Hazards for your Dog

Antifreeze can often leak from a car’s radiator. It may taste delicious to your cats or dogs, but it is extremely deadly- even the smallest sip can be fatal. If your pet starts acting “drunk” or begins to convulse, take him to the vet immediately. Better yet, keep all pets away from the garage and clean up any accidental spillage.

Reflection Time: Winter’s darker days mean that it can be harder for motorists to see your dog. We recommend a reflective collar or LED collar if you live near a high traffic area and need to walk your dog in the afternoons in winter.

Wintering with your pet is mostly common sense. If you’re cold, your beloved pet will most likely be cold too. So snuggle up and keep your pet warm and safe xx

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