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Mint & Lamb Fallow Straps

Provided By: Antlers for Dogs

Reviewed By: Winston The Shih Tzu/MalteseWinston Chewing Antler

What he had to say: 

When Winston tried the Lamb and Mint Fallow Strap it was a BIG hit. He licked and chewed on it for ages.

When he wasnt chewing it he was carrying it everywhere with him. If he was outside it was there if he was inside it was there with him. He was very protective of his antlers and definitely didnt want to share them.

Highland Harness & Lead Set

Provided By: Dinky Dog

Reviewed By: Jingle the Cavalier & Jackie the Maltese/Shih Tzu

What they had to say: 

JJingleJackie & Jingle love their harness!

It is very easy to put on and take off, and this is specially helpful when we have a very excited dog who just wants to get out off the door as soon as he hears “walkies”.

The velcro is great quality and stays secure even after a lot running, jumping and shaking off. The inner lining is super soft and complements the soft fur of the pooches. It’ll work as a little warm jacket during the winter months.

Overall the harnesses and lead are strong, versatile and fashion forward. Highly recommended the set. 

Super Strong Bone Tread Toy

Provided By: Ascot Pet

Reviewed By: Bane the Staffy- from Melbourne. Find him at on Instagram

Toy Testing For Ascot Pet-1What he had to say: 

Our staffy Bane is the resident mascot at the personal training studio that Nathan and I run together.

He loves to be around everyone working in the gym but unfortunately he also likes chewing on stuff – massage balls, weight plates, pretty much everything! We have a hard time finding toys to keep him distracted because he tends to chew up most regular dog toys within minutes.

So it was great to receive the Bone Tread – Bane loved it so much that he kept running off with it in case we tried to take it off him. He did chew the little nubs off it, but he hasn’t managed to dismantle the bone yet and he’s been playing with it for a few hours now! Thanks very much, it’s really made his day! :-)

Giggle Treat Ball for Little Critters

Giggle Ball for Little Critters

Provided By:
Dinky Dog

Reviewed By: Maverick the Mini Schnauzer- from Brisbane. Find him at on Instagram

What he had to say: 

“Mav LOVES this ball!  

He was a bit unsure of the noise it made at first and kept bopping it with his paws.

The ball is made nice and tough and looks fun. Doesn’t bounce – but he loves to chase it when I roll it along the ground.

The noise maker inside sounds a bit like a duck quacking!  Always gets his attentions. He loves playing with it everyday!’

Di Maggio Baseball Jacket for Small Dogs


Jacket for Sausage DogProvided By: Dinky Dog

Reviewed By: Caleb the mini dachshund – based in Western Australia. Find him at @calebs.corner on Instagram

What he had to say: 

“The jacket is so soft and comfy! The buttons on top made sure that it didn’t fall off or get caught in anything around my home. I especially loved the detail put into the design.The sleeves were a little too long for my short legs but I’m still growing so I should hopefully grow into them!”

Mini Spinny Chew Toy

12980734_10153415644182120_1675607736_oProvided By:
Dinky Dog

Reviewed By: Franklin the Toy Cavoodle- based in Brisbane QLD. Find him at @lifewithfranklin on Instagram

What he had to say: 

“LOVE LOVE LOVE my new toy! I’ve even been sleeping on it so no one can take it away from me!

The revolving disks keep it interesting for me to play with – and mum even puts some treats in the slots to make me even happier”

Di Maggio Baseball Jacket for Small Dogs

Di Maggio Jacket - Ref The PugProvided By: Dinky Dog

Reviewed By: Ref the Pub- based in Sydney, NSW. Find him at @refthepug on Instagram

What he had to say: 

“I love that this jacket combines warmth, comfort and style together. I like that it does up at the back making it easier for mum to put on me. The style of it really suits me but I can’t wear a harness underneath it to head out and about as it is a very snug fit. I will rock it around the home!”