Saving Sneezby; How rescuing a (very) senior dog has changed my life


Five long years after losing my best friend Penny I decided it was time to get another dog…

Once I allowed myself to have another dog in my life – a switch was flicked and I became OBSESSED with finding my new bestie.

After scouring Gumtree, Facebook and the entire internet for my new bestie – I decided to check out the rescue dogs.

Mostly I did this because I wanted the karma gods to Great-Dane3notice how rad and selfless I was. 

Naturally, hoping I’d  be blessed with a sleek, glossy, 8 week old great dane pup…

Anyway, while I was flicking through the rescue dog profiles it was all too easy to come up with a reasons why they weren’t suitable

Working dog.  It’s unfair on them to have them in the burbs…

Click, next.

Doesnt get along with cats… Never mind that Bruce could fend off an army of angry rhinoceri* ~  At least if I get a puppy, it will get used to Bruce. 

Click, next.

History unknown. ..To0 much uncertainty.  I want a dog that will play with the other dogs at the park. At least if I get a puppy I can make sure it’s socialised’

Click, next.

And so the clicking went, as I flicked through profile after profile. I discarded them for one reason or another – still hoping to see the unwanted glossy Great Dane pup.

And then I saw this…

umjek profile

And just like that… goodbye Miss Analytical who was going to make a measured decision about her next dog.

Hello Big-Howling-Hoochy-Mamma-Mess-of-Snot-Bubbles!

Suddenly, the only thing that mattered was getting her out of that steel cage and into a sunny, grassy yard of happiness.

Needless to say, in a few days time she was on her way back to our house and I was ready to treat her to the doggy love she’d never experienced before.

Only she put a few spanners in the works… instead of relaxing into her new life of love –  she was absolutely terrified.

Of course, how was she to know that this was her forever home? ,

She howled (and howled and howled), wouldn’t eat and tried to run away. It certainly wasn’t  the Florence Nightingale moment I was hoping for. But slowly, very slowly she has come around and is now starting to enjoy life…in fact, I think she loves life now!

In order to make the end of her life as happy & healthy as possible, and knowing that surgery was not an option for nasty lumps, I decided that I’d put all my rad googling skills to the test and make her a diet that would make the remainder of her life the best it could be. 

My glasses are usually a bit fuller than this :-)

My glasses are usually a bit fuller than this :-)

Not being a mother or really having much regard for nutrition – this was a pretty steep learning curve.

You’re reading the words of a lady that specialises in the wine & coffee diet. Nutrition has never been my strong point.

However, little Sneezby now get’s the most loving (and disgusting) diet of pure love. Her two meals a day consist of fresh meat & veggies with the occasional dollop of yoghurt and raw egg – combined with GSM, coconut oil and turmeric paste. 

I dont even want to get into the fact that I either ferment her vegies and then puree them or boil them in bone broth.. the internet has enough foodie blogs and mostly they’re all weirdos.

As for me, I’m still going strong on the wine and coffee diet – but that’s probably a story for another time. 

Since having Miss Sneezby in my life I’ve learned a few things. 

The main challenges have been:

The sneez

The Sneez wearing the finest pearls that Vinnies had on offer

– She is, in fact a big chaser of Bruce the cat. Luckily he’s faster or cleverer. Or possibly both. 

– Discipline. She doesn’t respond to it at all. Raising my voice is useless because she cant hear a thing. And when I do get cross at her (usually for sneaking onto the couch) she just switches off.

In short, discipline doesn’t exist at all… Everything needs to be with cuddles.

She would do well at one of those schools where kids get a sticker for just turning up.

However it’s taught me that if the right action is rewarded with love, it seems to be more effective than any crossness.

N.B. Soz to all the humans I’ve gotten cross with… Until her, I didnt know any other way. 

Since having her the biggest of joys have been:

– Watching her come out of her shell. When she barks at baddies (the jury is still out on whether they are real, like the wheelie bin.. that’s a baddie apparently) makes me feel like she’s got a ‘pack’ she wants to protect. 

– Seeing her get enthusiastic..Natural yoghurt? Oh me, oh my – that stuff is like heaven sneez yoghurtfor her. Extra bonus for me: the cute little yoghurt beard she gets. 

– When it’s time for the harness – look out world! This little lady is ready to roll with her homies at the dog park and does 360s all the way down the path to let me know how ravenous she is for some adventures. 

– But mostly, it’s seeing her relaxing in the sun. Face flattened out in the dirt, soaking up the rays without a care in the world. It’s exactly what I hoped for and it makes me teary just seeing her be so happy and relaxed. 1522646_1733743536896985_6346521741674631271_o

Incase you’re wondering, Tank (the mate she was surrendered with) has found his furever home but there are many other dogs out there, just like Sneezby who are old, rickety and a bit ‘under the weather’.

The old adage – not her for a long time here for a good time is  never truer than when rescuing an old
dog. You cant turn back time, you cant change what’s happened to them – but you can give them an opportunity to snooze in the sun before their time comes to cross the rainbow bridge. 

Now here’s the clincher… There’s a little dude called Lucky who’s 14 years old and he’s looking for
his ‘end of life home’ as well.

He’s got a few health niggles and is happy to live outdoors. He loves other dogs and 13022418_10153644441810888_2073595504_nunlike the Sneezmeister is actually good with cats.

If you know of anyone who can give Lucky a warm place in the sun to rest his cute little head – please, please, please contact Ida at Magic Paws Adoption. It will change your life <3

If you can help Lucky – please send them an email here

Please help Lucky find his home or at the very least – share this with someone who might be able to be his human <3

You can follow Sneezby’s progress on her facebook page (yeah I know, lame…) but more importantly – please, please, please pass this onto someone that might have a big enough heart to love little Lucky for the rest of his days xxxxx

An update on Lucky:


Unlike The Sneez-meister, Lucky does respond to discipline and whilst he is keen on the cats if they run, if you tell him no,  he is quick to respond.

Lucky just wants his humans to be happy with him, and he will do anything to make that happen.

Lucky wants to be right by your side and will whimper when you are out of sight. He does adore other dogs, and will tell them if they get too much for his old bones.

His favorite trick is following them around the yard weeing over their wee.

For the first time in his long life Lucky is enjoying being an indoor dog and has taken to it like a duck to water. He was on the couch after 5 mins of coming in.

12963736_1177413658959430_4246250027229662945_nHe does have some incontinence issues that we are working on at the moment, but in the mean time he is wearing custom made doggie diapers to stop indoor accidents. All he wants is to be someone’s best mate.

He has so much love to give and plenty of life still in his bouncy legs. He can jump in to your arms if you let him, which is not bad for 14!!

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